Content-driven communications for growing businesses

Digital communications, content curation, social media management.

What I Do

Create a content strategy

Design the building blocks of your 'content machine' that will work based on the resources you have. Find your brand's voice and creative expression.

Grow social presence

Choose the right platforms and tailor your message. Start a blog, share channel-relevant content and manage a happy community.

Enhance user experience

Map out your customer journey, identify the weak spots and strengthen them. Use content to surprise and delight your customers across all channels.

About Me

I’m a social media and content strategist with a background in public relations. I’ve worked for international agencies, corporations and start ups.

I help businesses bring out that which is most relevant to their customers here and now. So they can start meaningful conversations and build strong relationships.



Got an idea or proposal? Get in touch and I will be happy to see what I can do.

Thank you

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